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It barely beats the Ryzen 5 1600x.

A Quebecois tech YouTuber, Karl Morin (aka MrTechQC) gives us the first look at Intel’s i7-8700K benchmarks from Cinebench and CPU-Z.

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Morin, who happened to be at Dreamhack Montreal to cover the event, has done something to contribute to the leaks with regards to Intel’s 8th Generation processors performance – and now, we have an idea on how one of the chips are going to perform.

image retrieved from video

Since there is an HP Omen PC on display that was already equipped with the said Coffee Lake CPU and running, Morin borrowed a monitor and hooked it up – like any good tech enthusiast will do, and run some benchmarks.

image retrieved from video

The results show that the i7-8700K scores 1230 with multi-core performance while only scoring 196 at single-core – which is quite disappointing considering the rumors about the cost of the said chip.

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Putting the said scores into context, we sourced out a Cinebench scores comparison from eTeknix.com, who happened to reviewed and compared almost all chips released in last years – and here, they’ve highlighted the Ryzen 1600 to compare against the 8700K in terms of CB scores.

image retrieved via eteknix.com

The 8700K’s single core score of 196 is just a single point faster than the stock i7-7700K. The i7-7700K has a single score of 195 and a multi score of 996. The multi-core score of i7-8700K of 1230, although significantly better than the i7-7700K is worse than even the R5 1600X. The stock Ryzen R5 1600X has a multi score of 1252 with a single core of 162.

Remeber – as per leaks, there’s a chance that there are other interfering process on the background while he did that Cinebench run or so far, there might be some changes – so take these results though with a grain of salt, as always.

Anyways, what do you think of the leaked scores?


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