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[STS Despatch] Cascade Lake-X???

Intel has reportedly showcased their 2018 Desktop Product Roadmap at the Galax’s GEC/GOC 2017 Overclocking and E-Sports Carnival in Bangkok, which revealed some important dates for upcoming Coffee Lake series CPUs and their set-to-announce Cascade Lake-X, which is supposed-to-be succeeding their HEDT Platform, Skylake-X.

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According to the roadmap above, both the Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X (Intel’s HEDT platform for the 7th and 8th Generation processors) will be replaced by Cascade Lake-X in Q4 2018, although there’s nothing yet that revolves around this newly-named platform.

We are also about to see more from the Coffee Lake series in Q1 2018, with the release of new models which range from dual cores to hex-cores, which will be released alongside the 300-series chipsets, likely B36, H370 and H310. Motherboards for these chipsets should also come out pretty soon.

Finally, the roadmap also states that the new Coffee Lake-S CPUs will enter production in the fifth week of 2018, with 300-series chipsets beginning production on the 7th week of 2018.

These new products should be available in March/April and April/May of 2018, respectively.

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