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[STS Despatch] What would you do with 4G on this phone by the way?

If anyone of you is getting frustrated on using the feature phone which was resurrected by HMD Global months ago due to its slow connectivity speeds of 2G/3G, well, the company behind the Nokia 3310 return is making something for sure, some Nokia fans wouldn’t ever resist on getting – a 4G version of the Nokia 3310, to be on par with today’s connectivity standards.

Although this seems a guaranteed move from HMD, we still believe that the company are really banking with their promise to Nokia fans. The resurrected Nokia 3310 was first launched with 2G connectivity, since it was thought to be a basic phone, to be used for calling and texting. However, few countries started to shut down their 2G networks on the previous years, making the initially-launched phone unusable with their countries’ networks.

Due to that fact, HMD has given us an updated version of the Nokia 3310, with 3G connectivity last year.

No external differences

There are no differences between the other two models and the new one, except for the fact that the new one comes with 4G or LTE support, based on the pictures posted by the TENAA.

The 3G variant of the Nokia 3310 is priced at US$ 60 in the United States and EUR 69 in European markets. The new 4G variant is expected to be priced a bit higher and will make the market anytime soon, seeing that it’s already approved on TENAA.

Source: TENAA


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