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[STS Despatch] I’ll buy it!!! wait, what is it?

It’s not the Razer Toaster

STS Despatch has reported a while ago that Razer officially confirmed their release of a smartphone this year. Followed by teasers and spoilers, we are now approaching to the date where we and some die-hard Razer fans are able to get their hands into Razer’s latest product offering.

Looking at Razer’s teaser material (which is already live on their website by now), the poster says “watch” – looking at the photo with a guy who is probably holding a smartphone.

As of this moment, we still don’t have anything about its specs and features, as well as potential pricing and so on. However, we’ll keep you posted about this until it launches.

Editor says: While there are so many competitors upon entering the smartphone market – Razer has an enormous amount of fans, which might be the target demographic, among all their pricey peripherals and product. We don’t hate Razer, but we’re skeptical about this idea tho. If it hits, then its good.


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