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A mobile device focusing on gaming and entertainment.

Months ago, rumors sparked when gaming company and peripheral manufacturer Razer announces the acquisition of smartphone-maker Nextbit that they’re slated on making a Razer-branded smartphone – now, it seems that the rumors are somewhat confirmed, through an interview to Razer’s CEO and co-founder Min-Liang Tan, courtesy of CNBC News.

One of the most hotly rumored things about Razer is that we’re coming up with a mobile device. And I can say that we are coming up with a mobile device specifically geared toward gamers and entertainment,” Min-Liang Tan told CNBC’s “Managing Asia.”

We’re hoping to have it come … by the end of the year, so that’s something we’re working on,” Tan added.

And it seems that the mobile market will remain a key focus at Razer as well.

“The mobile market is one of those that we’ve taken a long-term view to look at … We realized that a lot of our gamers are also passionate about the mobile gaming market, so we’ve done a couple of moves,” Tan said.

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