Home » Razer’s Project Linda might be launched at IFA 2018 along with the Razer Phone 2 – report

CES 2018 recently wrapped up and while we’re not still done doing our final round-up of articles, we are being excited on when the unveiled products will reach the market (with exception to those which are ‘concepts’, though).

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In line to Razer’s Project Linda, a report from French site Frandroid mentioned that their ‘well-informed’ internal source has unveiled the release date of a Razer Phone refresh (could be named the Razer Phone 2) which is on September this year, and on top of that, Project Linda might come with it on stage at the same time.
Since Project Linda is still a concept according to Razer, there’s also some changes which are probably attainable within the time remaining before the rumored IFA possible launch in Berlin, Germany.

As Frandroid notes, their internal source says that Razer officials will decide in the coming days whether they will market Project Linda.

Add to this that Min-Liang Tan, the CEO of the company itself, did not hesitate to suggest that this could be done with an exchange of tweet from popular tech-tuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), telling that he can do something about Marques’s 3/10 belief of chances that Project Linda will be realized.

We’re really excited about this because we can see a future on this concept right here from Razer.

“WHAT A CONCEPT, literally!”