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[STS Despatch] In pursuit for a truly bezel-less smartphone!

In the pursuit of minimizing clutter on smartphone design (including bezels), Samsung wants to make a step ahead of what Vivo and Synaptics just recently done at CES 2018 – introduction of its in-display fingerprint sensor.

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While Samsung was earlier rumored of having their own technology of the said kind, here’s another patent from the South Korean giant, which probably aims to keep bezels away due to the space provided for front camera modules, aside from the feat of having a camera behind a display.

Sounds amazing, right?

However, to make the in-display camera work, a new OLED screen should be made. An early patent (which was referenced by the big companies such as Apple, Samsung and LG, among others) suggests using a transparent OLED with a high refresh rate so that the device could flick the screen on and off and allow the camera to have a look during the inactive periods. Think of it like a ‘shutter’ within the OLED display itself.

We would love to see this in reality, but we hope also that this would be implemented with all thoughts and careful decision within so that there will be no more compromises just for the pursuit of a truly bezel-less display.

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