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You might want to take a look at the next smartphones of the rich - the 10th Anniversary Edition iPhone (iPhone 8)

All the tech-heads and tech-lovers know, that when it comes to smartphone release – the ones from the Cupertino-based tech giant is the most anticipated one. And now, from the first iPhone which was released way back 2007, there are so many things that have changed (from design, to performance, as well as specifications and price) – making the upcoming 10th Anniversary Edition iPhone more exciting than any other smartphones out there.

Industry sources revealed that some changes on the iPhone might give it the best in terms of performance, aesthetics as well as imaging and other sorts of innovation that Apple gives out on its every release. They have already surfaced online and here are some of them.

The Glass-Metal-Glass combination is back.

Rumored iPhone 8 to sport a glass-metal-glass design combination.

First used on the iPhone 4 family (this includes iPhone 4S), this elegant look actually created a trend among smartphone makers leading them to copy the said design principle. Now, according to various industry sources as well as some insiders, the iPhone 8 might sport a metal frame covered in two sheets of scratch-resistant glass. Actually, we’re already tired of seeing these metal frames on smartphones – so this is a big leap from the former generations of iPhone.

A large 5.8-inch AMOLED screen display!

Rumored iPhone 8 to sport a 5.8-inch AMOLED display.

Industry sources also claimed that the newest iteration of the iPhone might sport a 5.8-inch AMOLED display, while leaving out those black bezels that you can see on previous iPhone models. They also claimed that the usable area is 5.15-inches, and display corners are round as well. IMO, it might look like the LG G6 or the Galaxy S8 Active – without any fancy edgy screens.

However, there are still no words regarding the screen resolution.

Forget homebutton fingerprint scanners, and say hello to on-screen fingerprint scanners!

The iPhone 8 might be the first smartphone to achieve the said feathaving a fingerprint reader integrated on its screen (although Samsung had the plans before integrating this technology on their Galaxy S8 because their technology partner – Synaptics, ran out of time (their reason) on developing the technology ahead of the launch of the said smartphone).

A new and cool dual-cam philosophy

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Rumored iPhone 8 to sport a vertical dual-camera setup.

Oriented vertically, the iPhone 8’s dual camera setup might seem a little odd and different. However, the philosophy might change based on how Apple is designing the said orientation and implementation. Noticing the Quad LED flash on the middle of the 2 lenses, this might signify improvement between iPhone 7 Plus’s dual camera performance.

Our guesstimate (from the words ‘guess’ and ‘estimate’) on release and price of the iPhone 8.

We all know that since the era of the iPhone 5, Apple is following a tradition that yields for a month of September release (especially the iPhone). And then, retailers and authorized Apple distributors follow when the iPhone is announced maybe after a month or so.

It was also rumored that the iPhone 8 might cost $1000 or a whopping Php49,760 (price may vary according to exchange rates and conversion). Since it will serve as a commemorative edition of the iPhone, the price might go up high also as well – we don’t know, because Apple knows many of their fans will still buy it no matter how much it is.

Now, we’re also telling you to take these information with a pinch of salt – although they came from our known industry sources, Apple might make changes on the last minute and the final product may differ from what we currently see.





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