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[STS Despatch] Their batteries swell, damaging and making the device to split from the screen

Earlier this month, reports have surfaced online about the iPhone 8 Plus (one of the recently unveiled iPhone), as some units are having battery failure issue either upon unboxing, or charging first-time, making some users and potential buyers anxious, especially on markets in South East Asia, where most of the cases are reported.

And since we’re still familiar with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that Samsung have suffered last year, we’re here to say that there’s no explosion that occurred so far – let’s hope for that, at the very least.

As of this writing, there are now at least six cases of suspected iPhone 8 Plus battery failure, following reports in China, Canada, Greece, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong last week.

But what the heck is exactly going on?

Battery-swelling typically happens to devices that have Lithium-ion batteries inside of them that could either been mishandled, have manufacturing defects or have just gone past its normal use cycle (i.e., old). If these reports are proven true, then Apple is in a sticky spot right now.

As MacRumors said, the company is “aware” and “looking into” the matter. Although according to them, Apple didn’t immediately respond to their request for an update on the status of the investigation.

Don’t panic just yet.

Due to the low count of incidents reported, we can say that this problem is still not alarming, considering that it’s common even in a super-perfection manufacturing process to still have lemon units (defective). And since Apple already acknowledged the reports and is already conducting an investigation, we might know soon what is the cause within the following days, or months.

However, if more cases do surface in the following weeks where people are expected to buy iPhone 8 Plus for Christmas season, then like what we’ve said, Apple is in a big trouble.

We’ll update you in case there’s any improvement or new cases reported.


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